New Ways to Get Fit Outdoors

Now that spring is in the air, you’ll probably be looking for as many ways to enjoy the warming weather as you can. This includes ditching the gym and finding ways to burn those calories in the great outdoors. Exercising outside not only rejuvenates you, but it makes the workout less tedious, too. Here are some great ways to get an awesome workout outside while enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. Even if you’re attached to particular exercise machines, there are plenty of great substitutions out there.

If you like the stair climber…find a good set of outdoor stairs and start climbing! To vary the workout, try different types of workouts, such as speed or interval challenges.

If you like the treadmill…lace up those running shoes and hit the pavement. The wonderful thing about running and walking is that you don’t need to go to a gym, unless the weather’s crummy. All you need is trails or streets and your’re all set. Running and walking outdoors is even a better workout than using a treadmill because you have to do all the work yourself – there’s no machine propelling you.

If you like to use the weight machines…use portable free weights or do exercises that don’t require weights like squatslungesplankspushupsburpeesmountain climbers, etc. There are so many exercises you can do that require absolutely no equipment – take advantage of them!

If you like spinning or cycling…ride a real bike and enjoy the passing scenery that can exists outside monitor.

If you like yoga or pilates…grab a mat and head to the nearest grassy park. You’ll feel even more relaxed stretching in the sunshine!

As long as the weather holds up, the possibilities for working out outside are endless! So get outside and stay fit!

Here’s a little extra inspiration to help you rev up your spring workout!