Work Out With Your Dog

Work Out With Your Dog

Even though a walk seems like the most common sense way to exercise with your dog, we’re here to tell you that there are many more fun options! Keep reading to see my top 5 ways for exercising in unconventional ways with my dog, which is a great workout for both of us.

1. The Run - Walk

Whenever I want to up the heartrate on my workout with my dog, I switch between two minute intervals of walking and running. I like this workout because it’s not totally draining, and you can keep it up for a couple of miles without it feeling too strenuous. For bonus points, chart your progress with an app such as MapMyRun, which will give you lots of information on your distance, speed, and even calories burnt.

2. Rollerblading

If your dog has way more energy than you do on a given day, don’t fret – you can give your pooch a good workout without exerting too much effort yourself! Snap on your rollerblades or rollerskates, and take your dog for a spin. Have your dog wear a harness so that he/she can pull you on your skates, or just keep pace with your pet. Believe me, wearing 8 wheels on your feet makes this routine a lot less work for you, and even a bit more entertaining.

3. Hit the Beach (or Snow)

Everyone knows it’s a lot more of a leg workout to walk or jog on sand or snow. Sinking into it means that you have to lift your legs more to even get out! Take your pooch for a walk on this surface, and see how fun it can be. The great thing about these locations is that they present even more fitness opportunities, like swimming or making snow angels.

4. Step Workouts aren't Just for People!

Next time you head over to those empty bleachers to do knee-high step workouts, take your dog with you! For safety, make sure the steps are shallow and that your dog is comfortable walking on steps and elevated surfaces before you put him to the test. 

5. Play Tag

Or simply, run around! I love having workout sessions with my dog when we just play fetch and run around enjoying the outdoors. Not all playtime and exercise has to be structured in order to mean something, so just have fun and make sure that you both get in some running around.