An Apple A Day: 6 Reasons They Keep Your Doctor Away

Most old wives tales are far from the truth. Eating chocolate won’t cause you to break out. You don’t need to wait an hour before you get back in the pool after a meal. But when it comes to apples and doctors, the old saying is still pretty valid. An apple day may just keep that doctor away. Keep reading for 6 reasons why should start snacking on this juicy fruit.

Eye Need It – Munching on an apple might actually save your eyesight, thanks to a compound in the fruit called quercetin. One study showed that quercetin actually kept the lenses of animals’ eyes clear even after they were exposed to chemicals that normally cause cataracts.

Brain Power – We’re always looking for new ways to help improve our memories, but we might not have to look so hard. According to research, apple juice may increase the production of acetylcholine in the brain, which works the same way the drug donepezil does to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. Also, researchers examining the effects of apple juice on brain function determined that the antioxidants in apples and apple juice may help prevent some of the damage to memory and brain function that can result from oxidative stress.

Breathe Better – Adding apples to your diet may help protect against respiratory disorders, says a study from the University of Nottingham in England. Subjects who ate at least five apples a week were better able to expel air from their lungs, a way to check for asthma and other breathing problems.

Help your Heart – This juicy red fruit might actually do more for your ticker than you realize. The European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study determined that eating more fruits and vegetables may reduce your risk of dying from heart disease. The study showed that individuals who ate at least eight portions of fruits and vegetables a day were 22 percent less likely to die of ischemic heart disease than those who ate fewer than three portions a day. One medium apple equals one portion in this case.

Mesothelioma – Antioxidants, such as the ones found in apples and most berries, may help individuals fight off malignant mesothelioma, according to research from a Philadelphia cancer center. Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that has been shown to develop after excessive exposure to asbestos.

Smart Snack – If you feel a snack attack coming on, reach for an apple. They have a high water content, so if you eat just one a day during snack time, you will feel full on fewer calories and be less likely to overeat later!