Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Allergies are miserable to live with, so make sure you and your family don’t have to.  The best way to ease allergies at home is to clean regularly with disinfectant cleaners, especially those designed to kill mildew and mold.  Clean the entire house well at least every two weeks and in between as necessary.  Disinfectants should be used on everything from the refrigerator to the bathroom.  Don’t let water or dampness sit.  Whether in the fridge or under the bathroom sink, water can quickly turn into mold and mildew.

Regular dusting with a dusting agent will help too.  A dusting agent is necessary to help the dust adhere to a rag, instead of just pushing the dust around.  There are lots of new products that help collect dust on a rag that can be disposed of after cleaning.  Or just use an old t-shirt or rag that can be washed.

Here are a few more tips.  Use a vent in the kitchen while cooking.  This helps channel odors outdoors or at least filters the odors and food vapors before it is circulated throughout the house.  Wash your shower curtain every other month at least with bleach and detergent.  Shake or wash rugs, curtains, blinds, and air vents.  And wash any pets once a month or every other month with dander-reducing shampoos.