10 Important Sun Safety Tips

10 Important Sun Safety Tips

As spring marches on and summer approaches, everyone is itching to get outdoors and soak up the beautiful weather.  Don’t forget, however, that too much exposure to the sun can result in skin damage.  By not exercising proper sun safety, you can end up with wrinkles, sun spots, sunburns, blisters, and even cancer.  Follow these simple tips and you and your skin will be prepared for an endless number of sunny days.

1. SPF isn’t just for the summer.  You should wear sunscreen year-round to protect your skin from prematurely aging.  You can even get a sunburn when it’s cloudy, so make a habit of using sunscreen daily.

2. Try to stay out of the sun between 10am and 3pm.  The sun is at its highest point in the sky during those hours, which makes these the prime hours for burning. 

3. The sun’s rays reflect off of water, making them extra-intense.  If you’re sitting in a boat or swimming, make sure you are wearing sunscreen with a high SPF.

4. Use waterproof sunscreen even if you’re not in the water.  If you’re in the hot sun, your sweat can wash off regular sunscreen. 

5. Don’t forget your lips- they burn, too.  Wear a lip balm with SPF protection to prevent them from chapping and blistering.

6. Sunglasses are of the utmost importance.  To avoid developing cataracts, wear sunglasses with UV protection.   

7. Pick the right SPF for you.  Children should use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, while adults should use a minimum of SPF 15. 

8. Make sure you get all the tricky spots.  Many people forget to put sunscreen on their ears, their scalp, and the tops of their feet.  Make sure you cover all the bases.

9. Don’t wait until you get outside to start slathering on the sunscreen.  It takes some time to absorb into your skin, so remember to apply it about a half an hour before you head out into the sun. 

10. Re-apply!  One application of sunscreen will not last you the entire day.  Follow the instructions on the bottle; most sunscreens will have to be re-applied about every 2 hours.