How to Treat A Sunburn

How to Treat A Sunburn

You didn’t take the proper precautions when you went outside and now you’re sporting a shade of skin that would make a lobster jealous.  It’s time to ease the pain and repair your skin!  Take these helpful tips on board and you’ll be on your way to a more comfortable day. 

Soothe your skin
Apply aloe vera gel to your skin.  It will not only create a cooling and soothing sensation, but it will also help reduce the damage that is done to your skin.  Aloe vera is a great healing substance, anti-inflammatory agent, and anti-bacterial agent, all of which will help treat your sunburn.   

Loosen up
Wear loose-fitting clothing so as to avoid irritating your skin further.  Who would want tight clothes rubbing against a fresh burn?  A floaty skirt or baggy tee will fall away from your body and give you some relief from the pain.

Stay out of the sun
Going back into the sun will simply intensify your burn.  Try to stay inside or, at the very least, wear clothing that shields your skin from the sun.  Don’t forget sunblock, either!

Most people think ibuprofen is just for headaches, but it can relieve all kinds of pain.  Take some if your burn is feeling especially uncomfortable; you’ll not only feel the difference, but you’ll see a reduction in swelling that may accompany the burn. 

Hydrate your body
When you’re sunburned, you are especially prone to dehydration.  Make sure you drink plenty of water.  Carry a water bottle around with you so you are able to rehydrate at any time.

Cool is key
Cooling your body is the key to pain relief. Take a cool bath or apply cool compresses to your skin.  Avoid using ice, as it can traumatize the skin and worsen your situation.  Adding oatmeal to your bath can help seal essential oils into your skin, while green tea in your bath can help prevent further damage to your skin. 

Remember that having even one major sunburn in your life increases your risk of skin cancer.  Prevention is incredibly important when it comes to sunburns.  Wear sunblock with an SPF of at least 15 and try to stay out of the sun during peak hours.  If you are exposed to the sun fairly often, make sure you regularly check your skin for new growths, along with changes in freckles or moles.  The simple ABCD test can help you identify possible evidence of melanoma.

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