The Best Sunblocks Ever!

The Best Sunblocks Ever!

Did you know that 90 percent of wrinkles and premature aging in women and men is caused by unprotected sun exposure.  This means that if we have the right sunblock, we can help prevent wrinkles, save money on over-priced anti-aging creams and significantly decrease our odds of developing skin cancer!  Applying sunscreen should be the easy part – it’s shopping for it that can be tricky!  With so many brands that contain different active ingredients, whose to know which sunblock pasts muster. This guide provides a list of the best-rated sunblocks by a variety of reviewers.

The best sunblocks are broad spectrum, blocking a wide variety of UVA and UVB rays. While a minimum of SPF 15 is recommended, some studies suggest that SPF 30 provides significantly better coverage.  The active ingredients you should look for are zinc and titanium dioxide, which provide the strongest protection against the sun’s rays. These ingredients are also great for people who have sensitive skin as they rarely cause irritation.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL – The cream of the crop, but definitely not a budget!

What could be a $55 tube of sunblock is only $20 at Amazon. The reason this product is superior to its competitors due to the active ingredients Mexoryl, the only sun-filter that has been approved by the FDA. It protects the skin by absorbing the energy of the sun’s UVA rays (the more harmful of the sun’s rays). While this product has been touted as the best of the best, some reviewers noted that it left their skin feeling sticky. You might consider this only a minor inconvenience if you’re looking for maximum protection. Be aware, though, that this sunscreen is not water resistant.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 55 – Best affordable sunblock

You can find this sunblock at almost any retailer, but we recommend Wal-Mart’s low price of $10.74. Many reviewers noted that the “greasy” sunblock feeling you get after applying most brands, quickly disappears after only a few minutes!

No-Ad Sunblock Lotion SPF 45 – Best inexpensive sunblock

Order 16 fl. oz. of sunblock at for $9.99. This is a great deal considering how much more sunblock you get with No-Ad.

Blue Lizard Sunscreen Sensitive SPF 30+ – Best sensitive skin sunblock

Find this consistently high-rated suncream at  The official Blue Lizard website is out-of-stock because it has been so well-received!

Banana Boat Sport Performance – Best performance sunblock

This SPF 50 sport sunblock is both sweat-proof and waterproof for long-lasting protection.  Find this sunblock at your local Target. No more wiping the stinging beads of sweat mixed with sunblock out of your eyes!

California Baby SPF 30 + Sunscreen Lotion – Best sunblock for your little ones!

Purchase this sunblock straight from the Californi Baby website, as this product is not widely available. It’s fragrance free and chemical free, which means that if your baby must be out in the sun, this is the stuff you want to have on-hand.  Also, it’s sold in a portable, easy-to-use stick form to have handy for readily-exposed areas, such as the face.