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The Common Cold: 4 Simple Steps for Prevention

Winter brings with it not only the bitter cold, but often the common cold, too. While the common cold, a virus found in the upper respiratory system, isn’t an dangerous as the flu, it certainly is uncomfortable, contagious and can drag on for weeks. With these simple steps, you can help decrease your odds of suffering from the common cold this winter.

1. Be a Germaphobe. Well, not really, but always be aware of what you’re touching and how often you’ve washed your hands. The common cold is a virus and can easily spread from person to person if you don’t take care to wash your hands and avoid touching your face, especially your nose, mouth and eyes.

2. Get Outside. While you can’t spend tons of time outside in the cold, depending on where you live, it’s always great to free yourself from enclosed spaces every once and a while for a breath of fresh air.

3. Stay Warm. While this point is probably the most argued, studies have shown that some people start showing cold symptoms if chilled for too long. Make sure and wear proper winter attire, including a winter coat and hat, which help help keep your body temperature in check.

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4. Get Sleep. Studies have also shown that getting at least 7 hours of sleep is important, so that your body can fight off infection. Those who don’t get enough sleep are three times more likely to develop an infection.

Be sure to eat right, too! Your body needs all the nutrients it can get to ward off those viruses.  Here are our top 6 immune-boosting foods.