5 Supplements You Should Be Taking

5 Supplements You Should Be Taking

If you’ve ever walked through the vitamin aisle, you know that it can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many vitamins to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for you? It’s widely accepted that people should take a daily multivitamin because even healthy diets often lack some nutrients. But aside from this standard vitamin supplement, there are hundreds of vitamins that seem important. So which ones should you really be taking?

Here’s a guide to some of the most important vitamin supplements you should consider taking. Before you starting taking any new supplements, be sure to speak with your doctor and make sure the vitamins will not negatively react with any medication you may be taking.

1. Fish Oil – Packed with omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), fish oil contributes to a healthy heart and brain – two of our most important organs! They reduce inflammation and lessen your odds of getting a heart attack. Make sure to take at least 600 mg of DHA omega-3 fatty acid. Also, remember to take these supplements with food to avoid a fishy aftertaste.

2. Vitamin D – This vitamin helps your body absorb calcium and is also essential for a healthy immune system, blood vessels and nervous system. If you spend lots of time outside in the sun light, you may have plenty, but most of us lack vitamin D from natural sources.

3. Calcium/Magnesium – Take this combination (600 mg calcium, 400 mg magnesium) supplement for healthy bones, muscles and teeth. Take this supplement about 2 hours after eating because calcium can inhibit the absorbtion of other nutrients into your body.

4. B Vitamins – If you’re feeling sad or run down, you might consider taking a B-complex vitamin, which is simply a vitamin that contains all 8 B vitamins in one pill. B vitamins play a central role in producing energy for the body, regulating stress hormones and keeping the nervous system healthy. These vitamins are best taken in the complex form because they work best as a team.

5. Multivitamin – A large majority of people do not get enough nutrients from their diet alone. Multivitamins will give you enough of the important nutrients so that you can maintain a good level of health. If you only take one supplement, make it a multivitamin. Find a brand that contains 100% of the 12 essential vitamins and minerals. No need to take mega doses of these vitamins because more doesn’t equal healthier. In fact, some vitamins in large quantities can be toxic.