7 Foods to Fight Allergies

7 Foods to Fight Allergies

Spring brings warm weather, beautiful flowers and…allergies! Getting some sun and fresh air is great, but it’s hard to soak it up when sneezing and puffy eyes hit us the second we step outside. Instead of overdoing allergy medicines this season, we recommend that you add these 7 foods to your diet. They’ll help combat your worst allergy symptoms. Plus, these foods aren’t just for allergies. They’re superfoods that are full of antioxidants and nutrients.

1. Garlic – It may not be an aromatic ingredient, but garlic is rich in quercetin, a flavonoid phytochemical that has many similarities to certain antihistamine, and therefore, can help eliminate nasal congestion.

2. Apples – Allergies can cause breathing problems for many during the spring. But adding an apple a day to your diet can be a huge benefit! Filled with many vital nutrients, many studies have shown that apples can help improve lung health and protect against respiratory disorders.

3. Honey from the Local Farmer’s Market – Try eating 2 teaspoons of locally grown honey per day if you suffer from pollen allergies. This could help curb your allergies because the honey can help your body build immunity to the local pollen.

4. Fruit Juices – Stock up on pure fruit juices when allergy season begins, and aim to drink 1-2 cups of it per day. Fruit juices are filled with antioxidants that fight allergies. However, skip fruit cocktails. Any type of drink with corn syrup won’t do any good for allergies.   

5. Dulse – You’re probably not very familiar with this red seaweed, but if you suffer from allergy ailments, then adding it to your diet is a no-brainer. Though it is a bit salty, dulse is high in calcium, potassium, iron and other vitamins and minerals that help alleviate allergies.

6. Cayenne – A powerful herb that’s a favorite to spicy-food lovers, cayenne is rich in quercetin, an antihistamine, which can help individuals who have breathing problems on top of those nasty allergies.

7. Canola Oil – Packed with omega-3 fatty acids that fight allergies, canola oil can help your body fight the sniffles and it won’t make you pack on pounds. If canola isn’t flavorful enough for you, opt for virgin olive oil or soybean olive oil instead. All three will help eliminate annoying allergies.