The 7 Dirtiest Things You Touch

The 7 Dirtiest Things You Touch

Every day, you come into contact with millions and millions of germs. Most of them are harmless, but some are responsible for giving you a cold, the flu, or even food poisoning.  Stay safe by learning about the top 7 germ hot spots and how to beat bacteria before it beats you.  We’ll help you out!

Your Phone
Whether it’s your cell phone or your work phone, having such a close proximity to your hands, mouth, and face makes it prone to large amounts of bacteria. Many studies over the years have shown that phones are filthier than both toilet seats and the bottom of your shoes.  Last year, a company even created a portable cell phone sanitizer!  
How to De-Germ: Regularly clean your phone with rubbing alcohol or disinfectant wipes.  

Gym Equipment
Dirty hands, sweat, spit…these are all the things that will touch your favorite piece of equipment before it’s your turn to use it.  Many people even wipe down workout machines with their bacteria-laden gym towels- yuck!
How to De-Germ: Wipe equipment down using paper towels and an anti-bacterial spray or gel (most gyms supply this) both before and after you use it.

Elevator Buttons
Anything that is meant to be touched will be a hotspot for germs, and elevator buttons are no exception.  When cold and flu season is at its pinnacle, people will cough, sneeze, or wipe their noses just before pressing elevator buttons.  If you’re the unlucky one to press the button next, you may be the recipient of some nasty germs.
How to De-Germ: To avoid potentially harmful bacteria, press the elevator button with your knuckles or through a tissue.

Your Keyboard
Another tool that’s specifically made to be touched, your computer keyboard is prone to all sorts of germs.  And, if you eat at your desk, food may even be falling into your keyboard and worsening the situation.  
How to De-Germ: Use a can of compressed air to remove any dust or food from the inside of the keyboard, then rub the keys down with disinfectant wipes.

“You don’t know where that’s been,” your mom would always say when you touched something dirty as a child.  With money, however, you really don’t know where it has been or who has touched it.  It could have been in a bathroom, a dirty kitchen, a mud puddle…anywhere!  Some areas of Japan even have “clean ATMs” that kill bacteria on money before dispensing it.     
How to De-Germ: There’s not much you can do to clean money, so worry about keeping yourself clean, instead.  Avoid touching your eyes or mouth after handling money, and be sure to wash your hands throughout the day.

Makeup Testers
Would you ever walk up to someone in the drug store and kiss them?  If you’re testing out that red lipstick in the cosmetics section, then that’s pretty much what you’re doing.  Trying out eye makeup in the store can lead to pink eye, and putting used makeup anywhere near your mouth is also risky.
How to De-Germ: Don’t ever test out makeup on your eyes, lips, or face.  Instead, try it out on the back of your hand and clean it off later.

When you use that sponge to clean up a raw chicken mess or even to scrub a dish, you’re building a breeding ground for bacteria.  Sponges are moist and often warm, making them perfect environments for germs. 
How to De-Germ:  Replace your sponges often, or disinfect them by placing them in the microwave for about 2 minutes.