Back-Off Back Pain! 7 Tips To Keep You Pain-Free

Back-Off Back Pain! 7 Tips To Keep You Pain-Free

According to Mayo Clinic, back pain is the number one reason people miss work or seek medical care. That means a lot of people have experienced the pain and discomfort of an aching, sore back. If you think back pain is just for older people, think again. Back pain can stem from athletic, empoyment or spinal injuries. Since back pain can be very serious, it’s best to take any precaution you can to avoid it. There’s nothing worse than an injury that keeps you from enjoying your daily life. Here are 7 tips to help keep your back pain-free.

1. Focus on posture. It’s important to have good posture while both sitting and standing. Good posture simply means that you’re spine is in proper alignment, which helps keep the body balanced better. Make sure chairs and computers are all adjusted for optimum comfort.

2. Maintain a healthy weight. If your body is carrying too much weight, your back takes on the extra stress required to support your body’s movement. Staying at your recommended weight range will help alleviate stress from your back.

3. Purchase a nice mattress. Believe or not, a lot of back problems begin while you’re asleep. When was the last time you purcahsed a new bed? It might be a bit costly, but consider all the money you’d waste on medical bills from the poor-quality mattress. You’ll want to purchase a firm, high-quality mattress that will give your spine enough support. Make sure to sleep on side or back, because sleeping on your stomach causes your lower back to become strained.

4. Exercise regularly. One way to keep your back free from pain is to keep it strong by working out on a regular basis. The stronger the back muscles, the better equipped it is to deal with the stresses we put on it each day.

5. Stretch your back out. There are tons of stretches that you can do that will help keep your back flexible. If you don’t feel comfortable finding your own stretches, take a yoga or pilates class.

You are much more likely to pull a muscles that is already tight. Both of these exercise forms work on stretching your body and keeping your muscles flexible, which will prevent strain and soreness. 

6. Wear the right footwear. While it’s fun to wear cute shoes, they can often cause back pain. You’re probably well aware of this if you wear heels a lot. With a little research, you can find a nice selection of orthopedic shoes. And if you don’t feel like spending money on a new pair of shoes, you can also find orthopedic shoe inserts that will help your back.

7. Move it, move it. Try never to sit or stand in the same position for extended periods of time. This puts additional strain on your back. Instead, try keep your body moving at regular times throughout the day to keep your muscles and joints loose.