5 Ways To Banish Spring Allergies

5 Ways To Banish Spring Allergies

Doctors are saying that because of the early warm weather, Americans must prep for a ‘longer than usual’ allergy season. Tough break. We have already witnessed a lot of sneezing and eye-rubbing amongst our co-workers, friends and family. Now that the allergens are populating, how can you take care of your well-being (and your sanity, for that matter)? Keep reading for all the ways you can minimize the pain of allergy season.

This Spring, expect more runny noses, stuffed up sinuses, itchy eyes and the dreaded allergy cough. All of the allergens are out and about already, from grass and pollen to those awful dandelion weeds. Dcotors say that pollens are populating more than a month earlier than they typically do.

So how do you treat what ails you?

It’s best to avoid the things that cause your allergies to flare up, but when you can’t do that, over-the-counter antihistamines and decongestants help tame the signs of allergies, so there will be less coughing and sneezing.

Are you looking to go natural with your treatment?

Quercetin is a natural antihistamine.  While it can be taken as a supplement, you can also find it in your food. Sources of quercetin (which is also an antioxidant!) include garlic, green tea, blueberries, red onions and red apples. Using quercetin during allergy season can effectively help you treat your symptoms.  It can also prevent allergic reactions and help Vitamin C function in your body, so using it in conjunction with the vitamin is particularly beneficial.

Although it may sound strange, ‘stinging nettle‘ is often believed to be just as useful as over-the-counter drugs when it comes to treating hayfever. With astringent properties and high levels of vitamin C, stinging nettle is particularly helpful when treating sneezing fits and itchy eyes.  You can buy it in the form of tea, capsules, or tincture. Doctors say that the freeze-dried extract is the most effective form.

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