What's Your Fashion Style?

What’s Your Fashion Style?

No matter what styles float in and out each season, you’ll always have your own individual sense of style.  Having a fashion style allows you to head confidently into a clothing store and know what you’re looking for, or at least what you like.  While clothes may be just clothes to some people, they can be an important marker of your unique personality. So keep reading to get a better sense of your fashion style!

Maybe you don’t know what your style is quite yet, but after answering some of these questions, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how your personal tastes and preferences translate to a stylish fashion sense.

Consider these  questions and then use your answers to hone in on your own fashion style!

What’s your favorite decade?

Do you prefer the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc.? If you’re a hippie at heart, turn towards that decade for fun, new fashion ideas

What’s your comfort clothing?

Jeans, sun dress, jean jacket, etc.? Being fashionable doesn’t mean getting rid of old standbys.  Instead make sure to incorporate your most favorite comfort clothing item into your fashion style. 

What’s your ideal vacation?

A romantic getway to Paris, Surfing in Maui, an educational trip to Washington DC, an African Safari?  Even the places you dream of visiting speak towards your style. Think about the clothes that you would pack on these dream vacations and make them part of your brand new look!

What’s your favorite material?

Cashmere, denim, fleece, cotton, etc.? The types of clothing as well as the places in which you will purchase your clothing can often depend on what kind of materials you’re looking for.

What’s your must-have beauty product?

Red lipstick, moisturizer, lip gloss, perfume, eyeliner? It’s probably no shocker that your makeup style and fashion style must align. After all, how weird would it be to walk around in sweat pants wearing bright red lip stick?