The 3 Summer Shoes Every Woman Needs

The 3 Summer Shoes Every Woman Needs

What if we told you we could help you whittle down your summer spending on shoes to just THREE pairs. 1. 2. 3. That would be pretty miraculous, right? Keep reading to see our tips on the three shoes you need this summer, and a whole list of the ones you don’t!


Yes, we’re talking about the fun, wear anywhere casual shoe that is hitting stores all over this spring and summer. Wedges come in lots of different colors and patterns. We tend to like the strappy ones with bold prints, but get a pair that you know you can wear with anything from jeans to dresses.


While you may be wondering why sandals are on this list, we thought we’d add them because we have some important specifications. Make sure they’re quality leather sandals in a neutral color, that will definitely last you the entire summer. We definitely don’t want to see flip flops and plastic in your wardrobe this summer!

Dress shoes

Whether patent nude peep toe pumps or caged platform sandals are your bag, we want you to splurge on a nice pair of summer dress shoes that will work for nights out on the town and formal events all summer. Make sure to get at least an inch of heel; even if you don’t love heels, your legs will look miles longer if you wear them!