How to Nod to Deco...

How to Nod to Deco…

.without becoming a self-professed flapper. Bold lines, graphic prints, the embrace of technology, and the craving of a luxurious feeling when it comes to design have never been more apparent than in the SS13 fashion shows and displays, so we deem deco to be back in style. Follow along for a run-down of the exact meaning of deco (also known as Art Deco) as well as a few sensible ways to incorporate this trend in your wardrobe and home in a timeless manner.

A Definition of Deco
Art Deco first appeared in France in the 1920s, and flourished on both sides of the Atlantic in the ’30s and ’40s. This ecclectic style embraces some traditional motifs from the preceding period of Art Noveau, but embraces the newfound technological advances of the Machine Age. Art Deco is recognized for its bold colors and lines, luxurious ornamentation, a preference for symmetry and the rectilinear rather than the curvilinear, and has become a timeless style even as its popularity peaked and waned during various periods of the 20th century. Lucky for me, a frequent fan of this artistic expression, deco is back with a fervor for spring and there are plenty of ways to sport it in your fashion and home. 

Update your Home
One of the easiest (and most budget-friendly!) ways to give a room in your home new life is to add new focal point-worthy knobs to your cabinets and/or drawers. Whether it’s your bathroom medicine cabinet, bedroom nightstand, or kitchen cabinets, a quick update of a couple of knobs can completely change the asthetic of a room. We love this Deco Block Knob from Anthropologie, and its versatility would lend well to virtually any space. 

A Fashion Accessory
It happens to every girl – sometimes there is a statement pair of shoes that you just can’t picture living without, and that is what this pair of pumps from Ivanka Trump embodies for me. Bold black and gold lines and an open form make these shoes a pair that will certainly work year-round for special occasions. This is truly the perfect investment piece! 

For a different accessory approach, try these Nadri ‘Art Deco’ Drop Earrings paired with your favorite LBD for a formal event. 

Major Wardrobe Statement
If you wish to whole-heartedly embrace the theme of deco, a spring or summer jumpsuit or maxi dress will certainly provide a breath of fresh air with bold colors and print. A major investment piece for me was Milly’s Bari Maxi Dress in cobalt, brown, and white. It’s eyecatching in all the right ways, and its diamond pattern and bold stripes are exuberant embraces of classic deco motifs. Look for more similar styles from Milly in the coming spring and summer lines, especially with the new release of Milly for Banana Republic in May. 

A Subtle Beauty Move
Not all deco moves need to embrace a new purchase of decor or fashion pieces; use what you already have to make a classic deco statement. Dark crimson lips and red cheek stains certainly add a bit of the color that was so prominent in ’20s fashion. For an even more modern interpretation of deco design, try a deco nail art manicure such as this one from Nailside, which displays an art deco chevron in contrasting colors.