3 Unconventional Uses For Olive Oil

3 Unconventional Uses For Olive Oil

Recently, we got some Botticelli olive oil (it’s imported from Italy and absolutely delicious), and after we used a bunch of it making some delicious food, we got to thinking: are there any other uses for olive oil? So, without further ado, here are three unconventional uses for this ancient ingredient!

Hair Conditioner: No we aren’t kidding. It’s absolutely delicious on salads or for cooking, but it can also help to condition dry or frizzy hair. All you have to do is apply it to shampooed hair in place of your regular conditioner. Wrap your head in a warm towel and sit for a half hour. Just do it while you’re watching your favorite TV show. It can even help with split ends!

Soften Skin: While we would never recommend rubbing Italian olive oil all over your body and wasting a ton of the product, you can definitely add a few drops to your bath to soften your skin. You don’t even have to use your regular moisturizer after the bath! You can also apply it to your dry heels and wear socks overnight to soften up that cracked skin!

Remove Makeup: This one not only removes the makeup, but moisturizes your skin at the same time. Who knows what goes into the cold creams we’re so used to applying? Just dip a cotton ball in some olive oil and apply as you would a cold cream. It’ll come right off! Plus, olive oil has been shown to battle the effects of aging on the skin; talk about a skin multi-tasker!
Those are three really surprising uses for olive oil; it truly can go from dinner ingredient to part of a beauty routine.

If you want some delicious recipes including a high quality olive oil like Botticelli, try these out: Olive Oil Biscuits, Salmon With Brown Mustard and Olive Oil, Grilled Vegetables With Blood Orange Olive Oil. Hey, when you finish cooking those delicious recipes, don’t forget to use it as part of your beauty routine!