Tips And Tricks to Summer Travel

Tips And Tricks to Summer Travel

Everybody loves a summer getaway but getting there can be a nightmare, especially these days. Try out these helpful tips to take the stress out of your air travel so you can enjoy that long-awaited vacation.

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The initial stress of vacation travel begins with packing. Ladies, we know that we pack about 9 extra outfits “just in case” leaving about enough room in our suitcases for a sock or two – maybe. My first piece of advice would be to check out the weather of your destination a couple days before your trip and consider the activities you have planned. Then make your way to the closet and put together FULL outfits (jewelry, shoes, all of it). This will hopefully eliminate some of your excess outfit choices. And, if you’re like me, it will cut down on the 7 extra shirts to 2 pairs of pants ratio I always seem to create.

Now if you still find yourself grasping for a couple extra outfits leaving you sitting, standing and jumping on your stuffed suitcase attempting to close it, have no fear. One of the most useful tips I have ever tried is to roll instead of fold all of your clothes before putting them in your suitcase. This tip is good for a few reasons:

1. You won’t believe how much extra space it creates.
2. You can actually see all of your clothing options.
3. Your clothes are less likely to get wrinkled.

Also, when you are picking out your accessories (jewelry, shoes, etc) try to go with more neutral pieces that may go with more than one outfit. For example, choose your nude pumps over those flashy color-blocked stilettos.

Now on to the toiletries:

Toiletries have to be my least favorite to round up and pack. I find myself trying to take everything in my bathroom along with me. My best advice for toiletries would be to take a second and think about the stuff that you will actually use on your trip. If you’re going to a tropical paradise with 99% humidity, perhaps it’s a good idea to leave your straight-hair spray at home.

Remember that in your carry-on you are only allowed a 1-quart sized clear, plastic zip-top bag full of any form of liquid in 3.4 ounce (100mL) or less bottles. Don’t worry; you will be amazed how many products you can shove into one zip-top bag.

As for the rest of your liquids, I recommend putting them into clear plastic bags as well. You never know when something might explode during travel and you certainly don’t want it all over your nicely rolled clothes! Also, try choosing products that work double duty like an all-in-one face wash/makeup remover instead of your usual regimen.

As for your day-of-travel outfit, think practical and comfortable. You don’t have to be wearing sweats and slippers, but try to keep it simple. Remember that security will make you take your jewelry and shoes off anyway. Try wearing easily removable or slip-on shoes and just keep the jewelry you want to wear inside your purse until you make it past the security checkpoint. Having all of this ready ahead of time will save you a lot of time and stress.

Most of all, try to remember that you are officially on vacation. The travel might get frustrating but your destination will surely be worth the hassle!