The Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures + How Not to Look Fake!

We live in an age where we have the capability to change how we look.  Noses that look crooked can be straightened. Ears that are too pointy can be smoothed. Faces that look droopy with age can be lifted. Tummies that have pudged out over the years can be tucked. There’s no end to the procedures that can be done. Today, the hard part is knowing the limitations. While some doctors are quick to point out all the flaws that can be fixed, Harvard-trained Dr. Parham Ganchi advocates balance in this overzealous industry so that people who have these procedures still look like themselves.

Dr. Ganchi shares his advice for how to improve appearances without looking fake or unrecognizable at the end. Also, keep reading to find out what the most popular plastic surgery procedures are–and how to get them right!

More is not better

According to Dr. Ganchi, plastic surgery revision makes up a certain percentage of every doctor’s practice. However, motives for revision are often very different. Dr. Ganchi notes, “if a plastic surgeon is not very good and does a poor job, a patient may seek out a second procedure.” Another scenario that occurs often is patients who are very happy with their results, and then ask for more. This mentality, Dr. Ganchi explains, comes from the idea that “more must be better.” Many surgeons might not say no to a patient’s request, potentially ruining the original good result.  “Patient education is the key to a happy patient.”

 Know what looks good

As plastic surgery has evolved, it has become possible for surgeons to tailor their work for every individual patient. There is no longer one “tell-tale” rhinoplasty or breast augmentation. Many patients do not take their unique facial structure or appearance into account, requesting a look that will not “fit” their features. “Many people assume that if they don’t like something, they ‘know’ what should be done to fix it,” says Dr. Ganchi. The overexposure to photoshopped models and celebrities has also contributed to this problem. Dr. Ganchi notes many patients don’t take the time to look at “normal” people before deciding how to change their own looks. Dr. Ganchi suggests that patients look at old photos of themselves to see what looks good and natural. Many of them are surprised by what they see.

Understand how your face actually ages

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Ganchi says that facial aging is not just “everything falling down.”  There is a combination of gravity, fat loss and fat gain which changes the actual physical shape of the face. Instead of one cure-all for facial aging, Dr. Ganchi recommends different restorative procedures for each patient. With the right combination of fillers, surgery and rejuvenating procedures, an extremely natural, youthful facial shape can result.

The most popular procedures…and how to get them right

  • Face Lift: The traditional “face lift” procedure is one of the most notoriously easy to spot procedures out there. Patients come in requesting that their entire face be pulled – the proper approach to this type of procedure is only to pull the lower portion of the face, such as the jaw and neckline. Pulling anything above the upper lip makes the face appear unnatural, as we never appeared this way in our youth.  The upper face looks great when “filled”, not tightened.
  • Eyelid Lift: Perception is key with this procedure. Many people do not know what a natural, youthful eye really looks like. After Dr. Ganchi shows patients pictures of youthful eyes, and compares photos of their own younger looking eyes, he is able to create a natural, refreshed look that does not appear “windswept” or “surprised.”
  • Breast Implants: Most women, at least in his practice, are afraid of looking overdone or obnoxious. Dr. Ganchi often explains to patients that the key to a natural look is all about proportion. If we can select a size that is in balance with the rest of their figure and also fits well on their chest/rib cage, they will appear natural and will enhance rather than distract from their figure.
  • Tummy Tuck: Many moms hate their stomachs and want a tummy tuck to “get rid of it.” Dr. Ganchi notes that the abdomen and waistline must look proportional as they define a woman’s figure.  This is an opportunity to create a beautiful shape, not just get rid of a bulge.  Without some liposuction of the “love handle” area, women are left with a very straight-looking boxy shape. Dr. Ganchi offers liposuction for other areas of the body, such as the outer thighs and upper back to help keep the entire midsection looking proportional and feminine. Since the surrounding areas of the body affect each other, a tummy tuck without attention to these areas may result in a very unnatural or unattractive effect.
  • Rhinoplasty: Many top celebrities in Hollywood have an overdone rhinoplasty procedure with a pinched tip and “ski slope” look. Dr. Ganchi tells all of his patients the goal is not to redo the entire nose, but to bring the parts that are out of proportion back into line with the rest of the nose and the face. This is another case where “more” is not better. If other parts of a nose are fine, they should be left alone to maintain a person’s unique look.  A beautifully done nose will bring out and enhance the rest of the facial features.

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