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How Many Times Should You Eat Each Day?

People interested in weight loss might struggle with selecting an eating schedule. Two ideas exist for selecting an appropriate number of meals: the three-meal-a-day and six-meal-a-day theory. Determining when, how much and how often to eat can cause confusion. 

Should You Eat Three or Six Meals Each Day?

Nutritionists and scientists agree: there is not hard rule for choosing the appropriate number of daily meals. People who root for eating six meals each day believe that smaller and more frequent meals contribute to a speedier metabolism. A study recently published in the “The British Journal of Nutrition” noted that the number of calories consumed has more influence than the number of meals.

If you enjoy eating larger meals at one sitting, consider eating three times each day. Start your day off with a hearty and quality breakfast. If you prefer eating smaller meals, consider eating larger meals three times each day supplemented by snacks. You could also eat smaller meals altogether to reach the goal of eating six meals each day. 

Eating three, five or six times each day has no true effect on weight. Ultimately, each individual should work toward identifying a weight loss program that works best for his or her lifestyle.

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