Hungry at night

How To Stop Getting Hungry At Midnight

Does the growl of your stomach ever wake you up in the dead of the night? Do you stumble to the kitchen only to realize you’re too tired to think about what to eat? Well, you’re not alone.

For many of us, hunger often strikes in the middle of the night, and it usually leaves behind irritating and uncomfortable pains. However, because you, more often than not, used up your allotted calories during the day, it is important to consider the nutritional content of your potential midnight snack.  

Of course, leftover Chinese food or a bowl of ice cream will look appealing when you open your refrigerator/freezer, but unless you limit these foods to occasional indulgences, you will most likely go above and beyond your daily caloric requirements.  

Here’s what I eat to keep my midnight snacking healthy & under control:

  1. Low-fat yogurt
  2. A handful of almonds
  3. Plain popcorn
  4. Fruit
  5. A glass of skim milk or almond milk 
  6. String cheese
  7. Veggies
  8. A slice of turkey
  9. Low-calorie crackers
  10. ½ of a granola bar

Keep in mind, if you find yourself in the kitchen almost every night, you should focus on making changes to your eating habits during the day. 

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