Oil pulling

Oil-Pulling Debunked

Last week I posted an article about oil-pulling. The article explained everything you need to know about this new trend, and I was intrigued to try it out if it would actually work. For the past week, I have been oil-pulling with coconut oil for 20 minutes each night. Here’s what I think of the trend.

I tried to put my skepticism aside as I put a spoonful of coconut oil into my mouth. Coconut oil has such a thick consistency that you have to “chew” it for a couple minutes before you are able to swish it around. Then comes the hard part, swishing the oil for 20 minutes. Each time I would oil-pull I tried to give myself tasks to keep my mind occupied. But even that doesn’t keep your mind off the fact that you are swishing around this nasty oil for 17 more minutes.

So do I think oil pulling works? It depends. I didn’t feel any different when I finished oil-pulling. (Except I was relieved to have the nasty taste out of my mouth.) It didn’t have the same “detoxing” effects as other trends, and I highly doubt the toxins from my body were removed from the process. However, my mouth did feel clean after I spit the oil out. But in my opinion, if you’re just trying to clean out your mouth, use mouthwash. It will give you the same effects and will take a quarter of the time that it takes to oil-pull.

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