Health Hazards: Why Your Computer Is Hurting Your Health

Does it feel like you are always sitting in front of a computer? Whether you sit at a desk at work or you work on a computer from home, you could be affecting your health. 

If your chair is set at the wrong height, your feet can fall asleep. If your monitor is angled incorrectly, it could lead to back aches and neck strain.

Your chair should be set so the backs of your knees are still higher than your tailbone and your feet should rest flat on the floor. Once that is set, the top of your monitor’s screen should be at eye level or slightly higher. This will help reduce glare on the screen that can put stress on your eyes.

Taking breaks also helps. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends a 10-minute break for every 2-hours spent at the computer. Get up and walk around if possible, even if it’s just a stroll to the bathroom or to get the mail. Moving muscles and refocusing your eyes is refreshing to your body and mind. You’ll be more focused and comfortable when you sit back down.

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