5 Tips to Reduce Childhood Obesity

5 Tips to Reduce Childhood Obesity

If your child is overweight, it is important for their health that you help him or her safely lose weight and keep it off.  Instead of focusing on numbers on a scale, emphasize the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle.  Here are 5 healthy tips to keep your child on the right track.

  1. Encourage activity: don’t expect your child to jump on a treadmill, but you can help them along by enrolling them in sports teams, swimming lessons, day camp, etc. If you want to spend more quality time with your kid, go for a walk, ride bikes or even try rollerblading.  The point is to keep your child active so that he or she burns more calories.

  2. Change eating habits: what child doesn’t prefer junk food to eating nutritious food.  It’s your job, however, to guide your children to eating healthy by setting limitations on junk food and making sure they understand why it is important to be eating these foods.

  3. Be supportive: changing a lifestyle is a difficult change and requires much patience and understanding. Don’t keep junk food around the house.  Make sure and allow your child treats in moderation every once and a while so they learn the importance of balance.

  4. Set realistic goals: create goals that children can accomplish so that when they meet the goal they will feel a sense of accomplishment and have a boost of confidence.

  5. Choose healthy foods: feed children 3 main meals a day with 2 health snacks in between. Emphasize fruits, veggies and water as essential components to a healthy diet.

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