Jackie Warner on How to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Jackie Warner on How to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Many of us women have a serious sweet tooth.  Whether we’re chomping on chocolate or tearing through Twizzlers, we just can’t get enough of the sweet stuff!  While sugary foods may taste great, they are definitely not part of a balanced diet; the extra calories can make you pack on the pounds.  Top personal trainer Jackie Warner knows how tough it can be to shake your sugar cravings, so she has put together a plan that she uses with her clients that will stop them from ever craving sugar again!  


The first thing that Jackie wants everyone to know is that fighting sugar cravings is not just about ignoring them.  Sugar addiction is a brain chemistry issue, so an addiction to sugar is much like any other addiction; your body needs it.  To end your cravings for good, take these simple steps:

  1. “Eat clean” for 5 days straight.  This means that you should eat nothing that is over 5 grams of sugar for the entire 5 days.  Jackie explained that your body does not register any amount of sugar that is under 5 grams, so your body will think that you are having no sugar at all.
  2. Let the sixth day be your “cheat day” and allow yourself to give into some of the cravings.
  3. After the sixth day, repeat the process.  Eventually, the 6th day will turn into just another day of eating clean. 
    Jackie has found that 5 days is just the right amount of time it takes to shake your sugar addiction.  When you don’t constantly feed your body sugar, it will stop craving it over time.  This process won’t be easy; expect mood swings during the first few days.  But remember that in just a few days, the cravings will subside and you’ll be free to live a healthy and sugar-free life!

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