3 Ways to Make Your Breakfast Healthier

3 Ways to Make Your Breakfast Healthier

Many people think that just because breakfast is so beneficial for their body that they can eat anything for their first meal of the day!  Not so. Make sure your breakfast is nutritious by following these helpful tips:

Pick whole grains.

If toast or bagels are a part of your breakfast, make sure they’re packed full of whole grains.  Also, pick cereal with whole grains, like shredded wheat or oats.  Or you could go all-out and have a bowl full of oatmeal!

Get fruity.

Fresh fruit is full of important vitamins, so grab a piece!  Fresh fruit is healthier for you than fruit juice, so just because you’re sipping OJ doesn’t mean that your breakfast is healthy.

Go meatless.

Breakfast meats like sausage and bacon are high in saturated fat, so avoid them at all costs.  If you absolutely must have some meat with your meal, pick turkey bacon, turkey sausage, or chicken sausages.

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