Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain From JJ Virgin

Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain From JJ Virgin

Even as a top fitness and nutrition expert, JJ Virgin still knows how difficult it can be to keep off pounds during the holiday season. But it’s still definitely possible, she said. JJ shared four secrets with us that she thinks can really help with weight management during the winter. As the author of the book “Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy,” and the co-star of the TLC reality series, ‘Freaky Eaters,’ JJ really knows her stuff! Here are her tips:

1. Keep a journal

When JJ was on Dr. Phil’s television show, one of the most important things she emphasized to the guests was to write their meals down. Studies have shown that keeping a journal filled with all your meals can lead to better success when you’re trying to lose weight, JJ said.

2. Wear a waist band 

Especially if you’re going to a bunch of holiday parties, avoid all spandex! Instead, emphasize your positives. Also, if you wear yoga pants throughout the holiday season, it can be even more difficult to fit back into those sexy jeans. Always have a go-to pair of jeans that you should be able to fit into, JJ said. If you feel like you’ve gained a few pounds, make sure to invest in a waist band.

3. Keep exercising

Despite the fact that many fitness experts say that you need one hour of exercise per day, JJ explains that research clearly shows that every little bit counts. So even if it’s just 20 minutes one day, it’s definitely better than nothing. Increasing your intensity is also a fabulous way to burn extra calories in a shorter amount of time, she added.

4. Pick your shots

When you’re choosing which dishes to fill up on and which to skip, just make sure they’re worth it, JJ says. Put yourself in a position where you can limit yourself. JJ says that her mom sends her candy during the holidays every year, which can be a challenge. Most of the time, she just ends up regifting it! So if you receive some high calorie foods as gift, pass it along to another friend. It’s harder to to abstain from fatty foods if you already have them in your home so get rid of them before it gets to that point.

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