7 Ways to Avoid Over Snacking

7 Ways to Avoid Over Snacking

If you have ever dieted, you know that the temptation to snack to hold yourself over until the next meal can be overwhelming. Snacking is actually an important part of weight loss and weight maintenance because eating small bouts of calories throughout the day keeps your metabolism up and working.

The problem is how to avoid those nasty snacking binges – when you grab that pint of ice cream, trying only to eat a scoop or two, but end up with a cleaned out container by the end of the night. These snacking binges can easily sabotage weight loss and can actually cause you to pack on the pounds. Here are some snacking tips so that you can eat well and eat healthy all day long.

  1. Eat three square meals a day. Don’t let your desire to lose weight make you cut out important meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all essential, and those calories will keep your body’s metabolism boosted. Cutting out meals will only slow down your metabolism and alert your body’s “starvation” mode.

  2. Plan, plan plan. Many times, unhealthy snacks are consumed because there are no healthier options available. The easiest solution is to always carry a few healthy snacks with you. This way, in an emergency, you’re covered.

  3. Get rid of the worst offenders. Sometimes just having the snack in your house is enough to make you go crazy and dig in. If you really don’t want to be tempted into eating that pint of ice cream, don’t buy it, or purchase a small container of low-fat frozen yogurt instead.  Go through your kitchen and get rid of the unhealthy snack foods. If you can’t bare the thought of chucking the cookies, another option is simply to place them out of sight or move them to a cabinet you frequent less often.

  4. Keep busy. Much of the time snack binging happens because you’re bored. Find simple activities that you can do at home that will also keep your hands occupied and out of the kitchen pantry. Try doing crossword puzzles, knitting, reading a book or magazine or giving yourself a manicure. These kinds of activities will keep food far from your mind.

  5. Keep water by your side at all times. Hunger can actually be a sign of thirst. So before you grab an extra handful of chips, take a few big gulps of water to see if thirst is the real culprit. Try flavored waters or drinking non-caffeinated tea as well to spruce up your beverage options.

  6. Eat enough calories during mealtimes. If you skimp out too, much your body will crave those calories throughout the day, leaving you with an unhappy stomach. Eating the appropriate amount of calories will help limit your cravings for unhealthy snacks.

  7. Manage your stress. Life is filled with various stressors, but the key is learning how to manage it. Many people tend to over snack when stressed to the max! Find positive ways to deal with stress, like talking to friends, taking a bubble bath, blasting your favorite song or going for a run. When you find the release that works for you, you’ll be less likely to find yourself with your hand in the cookie jar!

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