The Healthiest Beverages You Should Be Drinking

The Healthiest Beverages You Should Be Drinking

There are a lot of beverages available today that are marketed as being healthy. The problem with most of these so-called “health” beverages is that they aren’t actually healthy for you at all. Here are my picks for the most accessible and healthiest beverages available to you.

First and foremost, water is the healthiest beverage, and you should be drinking it every day. Water helps your whole body function better, including your skin, kidneys, liver, blood pressure and metabolism. In addition to all of these essential health benefits, water plays a key role in weight loss. I make sure that I am always drinking enough water since the health benefits are truly priceless.

Herbal Tea
Instead of a sugary hot drink in the cold months, like hot chocolate, I choose herbal tea. One of my favorites is organic Echinacea tea, which helps protect your immune system. I prefer to enjoy my winters sick-free, and I believe this tea helps me to do that.

Raw Milk
A lot of people don’t realize how unhealthy pasteurized milk is, since they believe their milk needs to be processed before being consumed. If you are going to drink milk, raw milk is a very healthy way to go. The milk you typically see in stores is pasteurized. The pasteurization process heats the milk, which destroys the healthy bacteria and nutrients out of the milk and transforms the physical structure of the milk protein. Because important nutrients are destroyed, companies fortify their milk with vitamins and minerals. To benefit from raw milk, be sure to find raw milk that is from healthy and clean cows that are grass fed. 

Homemade Juice
If you want to enjoy the healthy benefits of juice, stop buying it from the store and invest in a good juicer. One of the health benefits to making your own juice is that your homemade juice will actually taste better without the added sugars and preservatives. Another plus to making your own homemade juice is that it hasn’t lost any of the nutrients that would normally be lost in the pasteurization process.

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