Drink to Your Health: Fruit Facts + Juice Recipes

Drink to Your Health: Fruit Facts + Juice Recipes

Juice can keep you healthy and alert, from pomegranate to orange and beyond. Find out how juice keeps you healthy and get the recipes that will change your morning routine!

Studies prove it! Participants that drank either pomegranate juice or a placebo daily for two weeks and then completed a strength-training workout saw very different results. Participantsd who drank juice experienced less post-workout soreness and weakness than those who digested the placebo. Researchers believe this may be due to ellagitannin, a phytonutrient found in pomegranates. And that’s not all juice does!

Drinking fruit juice 3 – 4 times per week may even lower a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Antioxidants in the juice are beneficial to the young and the old. Make sure to drink pure juices without any added sugar. Cranberry juice is terrific, but cranberry juice cocktail is not! Read your labels.

Soon Summer will be over, and you will likely be spending less time basking in the sun’s rays. Help your body maintain healthy blood levels  by drinking fortified orange juice. As the daylight hours become shorter, your risk of a vitamin D deficiency increases. In one study, vitamin D-fortified orange juice increased blood levels of vitamin D by 150 percent!

An apple a day?
 Drinking apple juice may even be good for your brain. Researchers examining the effects of apple juice on brain function determined that the antioxidants in apples help prevent some of the damage to memory and brain function that can result from oxidative stress. If you really like apples, 2 a day is a good choice. Try one with breakfast and one as an afternoon snack.

Looking for great juice recipes? Look no further:

Flu Buster: This terrific smoothie has a triple dose of vitamin C and is perfect for those feeling-lousy kind of days.

Fruit Ice: Pineapple and lemon juice? Yes, please!

Sunshine Swizzle: Drink to your health! This refreshing citrus beverage provides a good source of vitamin C.

14-Carrot Juice: This blend of tasty carrots and OJ is full of beta-carotene which can help fortify weakened immune systems.

Tasty OJ Muffins: Orange juice and its grated peel enhance the flavor of these muffins and provide a fresh citrus taste. With only about half the calories of a traditional recipe, they are guilt-free!

Looking for more healthy recipes? We love this Tomato and Orzo Salad for a Summer picnic or Labor Day party.

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