10 Items You Should Clean In Your Kitchen This Week

10 Items You Should Clean In Your Kitchen This Week

According to the Center for Disease Control, 48 million people get sick and 3,000 die from food-borne illness each year. That's why it's more important than ever to keep your kitchen clean and scrub hidden areas on a regular basis. Read on to see 10 items that you should clean in your kitchen this week that you may be forgetting.

Your Vegetable Drawer
While it's easy to see messes on refrigerator shelves, the vegetable drawer is actually a place that gets messy the easiest. Leave produce in the drawer a day too long and you're looking at a bin that is likely covered in invisible bacteria and even mold. Get in the habit of scrubbing out your drawer and getting rid of older food every time you come home from the grocery store. 

The Can Opener
Running your can opener through the dishwasher is the easiest task ever, so just get in the habit of washing it after each time you open a can. Even if you don't see it, food usually gets between the small, working parts of the opener, creating an opportunity for your family to get sick.

All Buttons and Knobs
Whether they're on the stove or dishwasher, buttons get dirty really easily, especially if you use the kitchen when you have food on your hands. Who doesn't? Get in the habit of wiping down your appliance knobs with anti-bacterial wipes every couple of days.

It's easy to reuse placemats from day to day, especially if you shake them off in the sink. But, be warned -- they're a great place for bacteria to thrive. Get in the habit of running fabric napkins and placemats through the washing machine in hot water every day and don't reuse them for multiple meals.

Water Cartriges
Do you have a Keurig or Starbucks machine to make single serve cups of coffee? Sure, it's easy to continually add water to the cartridge, but make sure to remove it, empty the water, and clean it out every week. Bacteria thrives in places like that, so stay a step ahead.

Sponges and Rags
One of the quickest items to get gooey in the kitchen, you definitely won't be cleaning your dishes if you're wiping them over with a dirty sponge or rag. Run these through the dishwasher on high heat in a pinch, and make sure to wash them with bleach every other day.

The Drain Stop
That metal basket that catches food after you wash it off dishes? It's one of the quickest items to get dirty in the kitchen. Shake it out into the garbage every night and put it in with your dishes in the dishwasher each time you run it so that it never gets out of control. There's nothing more irritating than having standing water in your sink because this basket is clogged, anyways. 

Drying Towels
They're always clean because I'm only wiping clean surfaces with them, right? Wrong. Water sitting on these towels is a great place for bacteria to congregate, so wash them every other day, just like your rags and sponges.

The Garbage Cans and Recycling Bins
Even if you consistently line your bins with bags (and double bags...) the fact is that they get dirty from storing garbage. Once a month at the very least, take these bins into your shower and rinse them off, taking care to clean any messes off of them before they turn into a bigger problem.

Even if it's a pain, recognizing that the blender separates into working parts is vitally important to your health. Since you probably make dairy and produce items in the blender, it's imperative that this appliance is cleaned well between uses. Separate the blades from the plastic base from the pitcher, and send them all through the dishwasher separately.

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