Nutrition Label Makeover

Nutrition Label Makeover

Soon the days of squinting for the calorie count and nutritional information on packed foods will be over. The Obama administration and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released their new design to the classic nutrition labels on foods. The change is meant to make Americans aware of how much they are really consuming when it comes to eating and fighting the obesity epidemic.  The most notable change to the label is the size of the text. 

On the new label the calorie count is bigger, bolder and way more attention grabbing than before. It is meant to keep consumers aware of what they are consuming and in an easy to read and comprehend way. Plastering it in a large font is one way to do that. 

Another change to the label is the addition of the added sugars line. In American where the trend is to add more sugar, it will be placed on the new label and will be much easier to see. The added sugars line is there for consumers to differentiate between natural sugars found in foods like raisins from refined sugars that are added to artificially sweeten the product. 

Serving sizes are also getting a shake up with the new label. The standard size per serving will be closer to one cup as opposed to a half cup. Because, who really only eats a half cup of cereal or chocolate chip ice cream. 

The changes are not in effect yet, and the FDA is taking public comments on the proposed nutrition label change for the next 90 days. 

For more on the proposed nutrition label change check out NPR and the FDA.

What do you think about the new nutrition label change? Do you think it will impact your eating and shopping habits? Let us know in the comments below! 

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