7 Reasons Why You’re Always Tired

7 Reasons Why You’re Always Tired

Is getting out of bed in the morning the most dreaded part of your day?  Do you struggle to keep your eyes open when you’re driving, at work, or even when you’re out with friends?  There may more to your exhaustion than just a lack of sleep.  Check out these 7 possible reasons why you’re tired all the time; it’ll get you one step closer to a brighter and more energetic you!

1. Lack of Sleep

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first.  The Mayo Clinic recommends that adults sleep for seven to nine hours per night.  Lack of sleep can cause lethargy during the day, and too much sleep can have a similar effect.  Irregular sleep schedules and sleeping disorders can also cause exhaustion. 

2. Dehydration

If you feel tired throughout the day, think about the last time you had a drink of water.  If it was several hours ago, grab a glass and start chugging!  Water helps fuel the body, so a lack of it can cause the body to work harder and experience fatigue.  In addition to drinking water, you can consume juicy fruits or other water-packed foods like celery.

3. Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies

Lack of particular vitamins, notably vitamin B12 and vitamin D, can zap your energy.   And if your diet does not contain enough iron, you could develop anemia, which causes exhaustion, weakness, and difficulty sleeping.

4. Thyroid Problems

Your thyroid gland is in charge of your metabolism, so if you have hypothyroidism, your metabolism slows down.  This can cause you to feel tired, even while tackling everyday tasks.  Eight out of ten people who suffer from hypothyroidism are women, so don’t think you are immune to it.

5. Diabetes

People who have diabetes suffer from dramatic drops in blood sugar.  Since blood sugar is what keeps your body going, you will feel exhausted when your body doesn’t have enough.  If you experience extreme thirst when you feel tired, this could be a sign of diabetes.

6. Depression

While people who are depressed all experience the illness in a different way, most of them experience fatigue.  If you have feelings of sadness, loneliness, or hopelessness accompanying your fatigue, you may be suffering from depression.

7. Lack of Exercise

Although it may not seem like it, living a sedentary lifestyle can be exhausting!   Exercise fills your body with oxygen, energizes it, and strengthens it, making for a more alert and vibrant you!  Try fitting in a few minutes of exercise when you can, even if it’s just 15 minutes here and there. 

To find out if you suffer from any of these diseases or disorders, visit your doctor and explain your symptoms. A simple test could be all it takes to determine the problem.

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