The 4 Best and Worst Sleeping Positions

The 4 Best and Worst Sleeping Positions

A long day at the office or a tough sweat session can help you count you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. You might even being snoozing without realizing that you’re on your stomach, rather than your typical back position. Uh oh! Our bet is that you’ll be feeling some pain in the morning. Keep reading for our rankings of the four most common sleeping positions!

1. Back – The best sleeping position is to lie peacefully on your back, but we all know that’s easier said than done. When you get into your bed at night, try this position out. That way, you’ll prevent neck and back pain and have a more restful sleep. However, if you’re a snorer, steer clear of a night on your back!

2. Side – The side can be the best of both worlds because it prevents back and neck pain, and it’s snorer-friendly. However, women should try to avoid this position, as it can contribute to breast sagging. That’s because your breasts are angled downward, in an almost stretch-like position. So while this position is great for your health, it won’t help your girls.

3. Fetal – Pregnant women can benefit greatly from this position, but not many other people can. The fetal position can be detrimental to your neck and back, leaving you with aches and pains all day long. While snorers can go for this position, it’s definitely not the best choice out there. If you’re not expecting, we say to just skip it.

4. Stomach – Sleeping on your stomach is one of the easiest ways to develop back and neck pain. However, it can be extremely comfortable, making it a good choice for individuals looking for a soothing snooze fest. Just know that when you wake up, you’re probably going to feel some pain. Use caution when sleeping in this position.

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