Stop Hoarding! 3 Decluttering Tips

Stop Hoarding! 3 Decluttering Tips

Admit it: you’re at least a little bit guilty of having a mess in your closet, a box (or ten) of ancient bills or high school papers and probably a bathroom that could use a once-over. Keep reading to learn the simple ways you can declutter your space, thus decluttering your mind…and your life!

Start with the clutter that bothers you the most, whether it’s in the bathroom, attic or a common area.


This is an easy room to start with! Toss out old towels that have been wrecked with hair dye and overuse. Toss out those bottles that are empty and combine identical products to make space in the shower and in bathroom cabinets or the linen closet. Get rid of makeup that is past its prime (anything you’ve had over a year) and get rid of pills and products that are past their expiration date. Keep your products hidden away and countertops clear and clean: it will look so much nicer when an unexpected guest drops by.

Common Rooms

Chances are that you have a kitchen, living room, dining room or sitting room (most likely all four). This is where most of the clutter accumulates, whether it is unfinished board games, discarded magazines, DVD rentals or general papers, coupons and mail. Clean up these spaces that you use the most and you will see how much more pleasant and inviting these rooms can be.

Needless Paper...and Yes, Clothing

Whether it’s the basement, attic, basement, crafts room or office, get the family to help you sort through old school papers, bills and so forth. Work from back to front; chances are that if you can’t remember what is in the back of the basement closet, it’s not vital to your life or well-being: toss those items and you will find yourself steadily clearing out the entire space.

Patience is vital in these decluttering projects…keep your eye on the prize. You will have items to give to Goodwill, garbage to throw out and even some cool finds to make a little money off of at your end-of-Summer garage sale! It’s a win-win.

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Photo courtesy of FlyLady, a terrific decluttering resource

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