3 Exercises To Skip And Recommended Substitutes

3 Exercises To Skip And Recommended Substitutes

Did you know that some common exercises in your repertoire could be harming your body long-term? Some movements can harm your body from direction or intensity and repetitive motion can be damaging to bones and joints unless your exercises are carefully contrived. Read on to see a list of exercises that we recommend omitting from your routine, and what to replace them with.

Stop: Crunches
Especially approaching bathing suit season, women focus on crunches and ab exercises like no other. Why are they harmful? Crunches put a lot of repetitive pressure on your spine that rocks on the ground. Also, muscles exercised are usually front abdominal muscles instead of middle obliques, meaning that you’re not working on strengthening your back at the same time.

Start: Planks
Front planks, in which you rest on your forearms and keep your body in a straight line, are a great way to exercise all the muscles in your core and back. It puts less pressure on the fragile spine bones, and gives you a more complete workout. Mix in side planks and leg raises to get the sides of your body, too. 

Stop: Bench Press
This exercise is traditional and great for building strength and muscle in the arms and chest. But, it puts extra strain on your shoulders and causes injuries in many people.

Start: Push Ups
Push ups simultaneously exercise your shoulders and chest while also engaging your core muscles. We like that they can be altered to work out any muscle group based on the positioning of your hands, or use of various platforms for height and balance adjustment. 

Stop: Leg Press
Not knowing the proper counter weight can put undue stress on your knees when completing the leg press. Plus, you need a machine in order to do it. 

Start: Front and Side Lunges
This exercise really strengthens your whole body, from tightening your core to warming all of the muscles in your legs. Add hand weights to keep this exercise challenging over time, and make sure that you bring your front leg parallel to the ground to get the optimum burn.

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