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Real Sugar Vs. Substitutes: Which One Should You Use?

Sugar, often made out to be the enemy, can be found in even the healthiest fruits and vegetables. Processed sugar, or refined sugars, is something you should really steer clear of if you’re interested in tracking your diet. 

Scientifically named “sucrose” those sugar substitutes still hold some nutritional value. The problem is that in order to create sucrose, chemicals have to be added in, which in turn, have the effects of raising your blood sugar levels. 

The most common place to find these types of sugars are drinks such as orange or fruit juices, teas, soda, and energy drinks. Real sugar, or natural sugar, comes from a plants breakdown process called photosynthesis. The fruits and vegetables that contain natural sugar, is called fructose. Try to remember the difference between sucrose and fructose by thinking that the S is sucrose stands for substitute and the F in fructose stands for fruit. 

By going for the natural sugars found in fruit you are helping your body out by also digesting the fruits vitamins and minerals and stabling your blood sugar levels. By managing your sugar intake your insulin levels are more controlled which helps your fat stores deplete. Sweets and sugars are hardwired into our brains as something that gives us satisfaction and happiness, that’s a habit almost impossible to break with our taste buds anticipating this extra boost. 

Try and make a goal as Halloween draws near. Make October 31 the last day you reach for that crunchy candy bar, and make November an “all natural sugars” month.

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