Sleep with Ease

Sleep With Ease: 5 Breathing Techniques To Fall Asleep

Stress, anxiety, and insomnia are among the problems that cause people to lose sleep at night. What many don’t know is that taking the time to focus on your breathing can help limit your tossing and turning at night. Here are five breathing techniques that can help you sleep better.

Gravity Breathing

This one sounds weird, but with a little imagination, it can relax your mind enough for you to fall asleep.

  1. Lie on your back with your hands on your sides. 
  2. Take one deep breath in through your nose.
  3. Hold for three seconds, and slowly exhale through your mouth.
  4. As you release your breath, imagine that gravity is sinking you into your bed.
  5. Repeat this step, focusing on your breath until you start to dose off.

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