Flu Shot

Can You Get Sick From The Flu Shot?

There is a popular myth that you can get sick from the flu shot.  Well here is the truth on that tale. You cannot, we repeat, you cannot get sick from getting a flu shot. Doctors and health experts alike will tell you that the flu shot does not cause the flu. If you do happen to get sick after the shot, it could have been that the virus was already in your body prior to the shot. 

There are a few different types of flu shots that are available. Each shot that is given is specific for each person based on his or her age. The flu shot is also currently made in two separate ways. One-way being that the flu shot is an inactive virus or noninfectious shot. The other way is where it’s made with no flu vaccine virus at all.  Either way each vaccine’s job is to help your body build up antibodies to help fight off and build up immunity against the flu virus. 

When you get a flu shot, chemical virus components (different components depending on your shot) are dispersed. Your body automatically recognizes these components to be a threat, causing your white blood cells to kill any virus cells in your body. And just like that you have built up some immunity to that virus. With this built up immunity you are less likely to get sick in the near future. 

It’s true that with every cause there may be a reaction and that is still true when it comes to any kind of flu shot. Some side effects may occur, and it usually differs from person to person. With the flu shot some side effects that may be seen are “soreness, redness, tenderness, low-grade fever, headache, or muscle aches” (CDC). 

It’s incredibility important to get a flu shot eachyear. With each flu shot that you receive the more you are likely to stay healthy throughout the contagious seasons. Your immunity to these bacteria’s will wear as time goes by, but with the shot you will keep your immunity up and your health intact. 

*Always consult your physician before getting a vaccine.

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