Computer Stress Busters

Here are three simple exercises to help you break up the stress and strain of long sessions at the computer keyboard.
  1. Two-minute massage - While sitting at your desk, place your left hand on your right shoulder. Gently knead the muscles between your neck and shoulder for 45 seconds. Squeeze the muscles for 15 seconds and release. Repeat with right hand on left shoulder.
  2. Stand and stretch - Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Interlace your fingers and raise your hands above your head with your palms facing upward. Inhale and stretch upward. Exhale and lean gently to the left (hands at the 11 o'clock position). Inhale, return to center and stretch upward. Repeat the process on the other side by leaning to the right.
  3. Arm rotations - Stretch your arms out to the sides with your palms facing down and your elbows straight. Keep your shoulders down. Take a few calming breathes. Rotate your arms in small circles and slowly increase to larger circles. Make five to 10 circles in each direction.

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