Hooked on a Feeling

A little regret may be a powerful motivator when it comes to exercising regularly. When the urge to bail on your workout creeps up, bring back your determination by picturing yourself feeling sad, sorry, and out of shape as a result. In a study, people who focused on the feelings of regret they would experience after ditching a workout appeared more likely than other people to follow through with their exercise plans.

Staying motivated when it comes to exercise may take a bit of thought and planning. Begin by making exercise possible at any point in the day by bringing comfortable walking shoes with you to work and by wearing comfortable clothes when you run errands on the weekend. This will make it easier for you to take a quick walk at lunchtime or take a break from running errands by walking in the park. Always keep a pair of sneakers and sweat socks in your car. Setting goals also may help you stay motivated. Choose a charity run or walk as your goal and set a reasonable target time for completing it. Shape your workouts around meeting that goal and focus on the feelings of accomplishment you will enjoy when you reach it.

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