All Natural Stress Busters

If you want an alternative 'all natural' stress buster, you may want to try these instead:
  1. Bubble Bath - Lock the door, work up a lather, and forget the world exists. Add a few candles -- sage is a soothing scent, or try sandalwood incense -- and maybe a good book or some classical music, and you'll be well on your way to forgetting your horrific commute.
  2. Lighten Your Workload - Talk to your boss, delegate tasks, or start looking for a new job. If work is making you crazy, you're not alone. Work is the top source of stress in adults aged 18-54, according to the National Consumers League survey. While you're searching for a less stressful job, find some ways to unwind after work. Sit quietly for 10 minutes before you start your evening. Play a favorite CD while fixing dinner. Or delegate your home chores so you can relax on weeknights instead of slaving over laundry.
  3. Cup of Tea - Whether it's chamomile or chai, try to take time, relax, and put your feet up when enjoying your favorite brew. In the warmer months you can chill a pot of freshly brewed green tea for a calming and cooling treat.
  4. Biofeedback - There are many different types of biofeedback, all aimed at turning you into a warm puddle of relaxed goo. Talk to a health professional about these techniques in which sensors are used to measure your temperature, muscle tension, or heart rate and translate them into lights or sounds. Or for a different sensation, ask your partner to give you a massage, or splurge on an appointment at your local spa.
  5. Sex - Is it the snuggling with your honey or the act itself? Either way, sex is a time-tested stress reliever, and it's well worth taking the time to do it.


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