How To Stay Positive During The Winter

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, it can be hard not to let your mood falter as well. The sun hides behind the clouds, the days get shorter and the cold weather compels you to stay indoors. It’s almost as if Mother Nature starts to fool around with your nature during the winter months. But staying positive and overcoming the tendency to fall into low spirits can help your well-being and state of mind. Fit&FabLiving wants you to keep your head up and continue to smile in the winter!

Be a social butterfly!

Bundle up and brave the cold. Seeing and socializing with friends and family will help you stay optimistic, even if it seems easier to just sit around alone at home. Every week, plan a lunch date with a close friend. It doesn’t need to be anywhere fancy or too far from your home, but just staying in touch and chatting with someone close to you can help you beat the doldrums.

Join a club or register for a fun class. This is a double winter whammy because you continue to build relationships while partaking in something you enjoy. Invite some friends to join with you if you’re a little apprehensive at first. Check out the classes being offered at local community colleges or at your town hall.

Energize yourself!
Hibernating may sound appealing, especially when the snow starts to pile up outside your window, but staying active can help you physically and emotionally. Work out within the home if the weather gets too terrible. There are many free options on the television, including yoga workouts and various aerobic activities. Freeing your mind and relieving tension will stretch and strengthen your entire body.

Even if you can’t see the sun during the day, leave your blinds open. Every winter, seasonal affective disorder plagues those who hide away indoors. Take a walk around the block when the weather permits, and make sure to drink plenty of fluids.

Keep your mind sharp!
Beat the winter blues by keeping your mind engaged. Although this a year-round activity, it can be more difficult during the cold months. Find something that interests you and will challenge you at the same time. Check out the newest theater productions; try out crossword puzzles; or pick up sewing. Everyone needs a great winter scarf.

You can get ahead of the competition by keeping up with the latest career trends during the winter. Spruce up your resume and check online to see what skills can help you gain a new job. Learn how to publicize your company or business through the newest social media outlets too.

If none of these ideas seem right for you, don’t worry! The best way to stay positive during the winter is to stay energized and do the things that make you feel good. If that means braving the cold and grabbing some hot chocolate with friends or doing the latest Sudoku puzzles, just make sure that you keep yourself active. That way, when spring comes around, you’ll already be ahead of the game, physically, emotionally and even socially.


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