Genuine Relaxation Tips

All you need is between 5 and 20 minutes of personal time to slip away somewhere quiet...

1. Switch off your phone, ask others not to disturb you.

2. Sit or lie comfortably.

3. Just as if you were switching off all the lights in a huge supermarket at the end of the day, switch off all your thoughts.

4. Close your eyes - the darkness is soothing.

5. Now focus on the sensation of your breathing, feel the rise and fall of your inhale and exhale, listen to the air coming in and out of your body.

6. Feel how your body feels.

7. Don't try to alter your breathing, it will change naturally as you sink deeper into the experience.

8. If thoughts slip into your mind, gently bring your awareness back to your breathing.

This is all you need to do to relax your body and mind. It's THAT simple. To really benefit, you need to practice this 'breathing work' on a daily basis.

After a few days of using this simple technique, you should begin to feel the rejuvenating powers of true relaxation.

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