Setting Goals And Sticking With Them

If you feel as though you have truly put a lot of effort into reaching your goal but aren't seeing the results you should, perhaps you're indulging in a bit of self-sabotage. Don't feel bad; we've all done this one from time to time. Ask yourself if you genuinely want to achieve this goal and then imagine what about your life will have to change once you do achieve it. Sometimes you'll be able to see the obstacles you're creating for yourself, sometimes it won't be so obvious. In any case, the number one thing holding most of us back (Hint: if you don't even want to do this step, that's a fair sign that you're hiding a little bit of something, somewhere.)

People who set goals and go after them are brave folk. They are willing to feel the uncomfortable feelings, learn new things, and put themselves through a process that most people run away from. It's not that's goal-getting is so difficult in itself; it's actually quite simple. But personal change IS challenging. So if you are struggling in this arena, pat yourself on the back and know that you are in the game, moving forward. Pick one or two of these areas to work on improving each day and you will find yourself making progress, building a strong foundation of skills for your future.

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