How To Lift The Weight Of Compassion Fatigue

What is 'compassion fatigue'?

A trait that often plagues health professionals, compassion fatigue also seems to lay low a number of women -- especially those who feel it is their lot in life to take on the weight of the world.

Some tips from the American Academy of Family Physicians might help:

Spend plenty of quiet time alone. Learn to meditate -- a way to ground yourself and to keep from being pulled in too many directions. If you have lost touch with your spiritual side, re-establish the connection.

Recharge your batteries daily. Eat better, and focus on what you're eating, making meals a stress-free oasis in the day. Exercise, too, to lessen stress and increase energy.

Hold one focused, connected and meaningful conversation each day. Spending time with family and close friends feeds the soul like nothing else. Trouble is, it's the first thing people seem to cut when time is at a premium.

And some things not to do:

Don't make big decisions -- a new job, a divorce, a move -- until you have recharged yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. The problems will wait for you.

Don't blame others -- your boss, your spouse, your kids. Instead, work to get the stress in your life under control.

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