Relieve Your Headaches Without Pills

by aevans

Headaches are caused by any number of factors: stress, poor blood circulation, weather fronts, illness, and more.  Luckily there are many ways to reduce or remove the pain that headaches bring.  We're talking about more than just the different brands of aspirin or pills from a drug store.

One simple way that has been proven in tests to relieve some headache types is basic aromatherapy.  Lighting candles or using scented oils around your office, car or home can help soothe your body.  The primary source for the physical changes comes from the increase in deep breathing the naturally accompanies using aromatic candles, oils, and foods.

Regular exercise also helps prevent headaches before they begin.  Exercise, even if it isn't strenuous or muscle building in nature, increases blood flow, thus removing one of the main causes of headaches.  Going out for a walk or bike ride provides two sources of relief: exercise and aromatherapy from the natural scents around you.

Other possible treatments are acupuncture, magnesium, and vitamin B.  While acupuncture may provide instant relief, it can be costly. Also, you have to schedule an appointment with a registered and trained acupuncturist and get to the person's office.  Tests have shown magnesium to help reduce the occurrence of headaches.  A dose of 400 to 600 mg of magnesium may remove your symptoms.  Last, but not least, is vitamin B.  While it's a more natural means of balancing your body's vitamin levels, it can take up to three days to become truly effective.  Vitamin B is best used by people with frequent headaches, both stress headaches and migraines.

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