4 Simple Moves that Ease Stress

by ksteed
4 Simple Moves that Ease Stress
Stress is something that we all experience. Whether it’s your morning commute or a project at work that makes you tense, relieving stress on a day-to-day basis is important for your health and your well-being.  These 4 easy moves will stretch your body and ease your mind, making for a happier you.

Neck Roll
Many people hold a great deal of tension in their necks.  Release that tension in less than a minute with this easy series of moves.

Sitting straight in a chair, drop your chin to your chest and take three deep breaths.  Next, roll your head toward your right shoulder and take three more deep breaths.  Return to center, then roll your head to the left, taking a final three deep breaths. Return to center and repeat the series again.  To finish the exercise, roll your neck in the same series without stopping- this time allow it to roll backward and around, as well.
Upward-Facing Dog
This one is wonderful for relieving lower back pain, plus it stretches out your body and feels fantastic.
Lie on your stomach on the floor or a yoga mat.  Lift your upper body up by pressing your palms into the floor and straightening your elbows.  Your arms should be perpendicular to the floor.  Lift your hips and upper legs slightly off the floor and allow the tops of your feet (not your toes) to rest on the ground.  Tilt your head slightly upward.  Breathe deeply and hold this position for up to 30 seconds.
Arm Releases
If you sit at your desk and type all day, you may feel pain or stiffness in your hands and arms.  This move will loosen them up and ease pain.
Start by interlocking your fingers and pushing your hands away from you, palms facing forward.  You should feel a stretch in your shoulder.  Then, release your fingers and circle your wrists around 5 times.  Next, circle your forearms (bending at your elbows) 5 times.  Finally, circle your entire arms (bending at the shoulders) around 5 times.  

Wall Sit

This move stretches your legs, relaxes your body, and is particularly good for relieving headaches.
No, we don’t mean that hamstring-destroying exercise where you sit in mid-air against a wall- this move is much more relaxing.  Lay on your back with your feet facing a wall.  Scoot yourself toward the wall and position your legs so that they run up the wall.  Your body should be in the shape of an “L” and your butt should be against the wall.  Place your hands on your stomach and take deep breaths. Rest in this position for up to 15 minutes.
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