How To Turn Heads When You Walk Into A Room

You’ve pictured it a dozen times. Especially when that very important someone will happen to be there. We all know the gal who single-handedly keeps chiropractors in the neck-cracking business, and don’t we want to be her…just once? There’s something about traipsing into a room, knowing heads are whipping in your direction that’s seriously ego-boosting. Who can’t benefit from just a little more of that? Imagine no more, here are some tips to prep you for any entrance.

Color Me Unforgettable
There’s a reason stop signs aren’t beige. Color makes impact; your best color makes you unforgettable. Wear it near your face to capture a natural glow. If the color is in your favorite skirt or bottom, no problem! Regardless of where you’re wearing your perfect shade, know that wearing it will render you irresistible.

Sensational Silhouette
Worry less about looking perfect and more about wearing something in soft, touchable fabrics that highlights your best body parts. Go daring with one body part—never more than two—and keep the rest covered up. Fit matters. If you’re going for tight, ensure nothing is bulging, like button holes or muffin tops. By all means, avoid head-to-toe tight, it shouts, “Nice to meet you, I’m trying too hard.”

Smile And The Whole World Smiles With You
That’s a lot of power a toothy grin wields, so make sure yours is dashing. Find a 3-way mirror and consider your lips, teeth, and smile from every angle. Avoid the one that makes your eyes squint and flash the one that makes your cheeks rise. My bestie does this. The camera loves her…and so does everyone else.

Skin Is In
A tan is great, but wear one safely and subtly for that matter. Plump, smooth, healthy skin is alluring and the prescription for each of us varies. Do yourself an indulgent favor and quench your skin with something it craves, be it a product, treatment, or massage. Someone will notice and you’ll love it when they do.

Command With Confidence
If you’ve commanded a room by your entrance, your exit should do the same. Use the 3-way mirror again to ensure your backside meets your standard: no offending VPL or bra bulge. Practice walking to guard against the skirt that rises with each step, get the hair-toss down, and sample your coy wave goodbye.

Follow these tips and you’ll feel great about making that important entrance. Most importantly, have fun!

Fawn Cheng is nationally renowned for helping her clients gain competitive advantage by transforming their look in to a powerful brand image. Cheng is a prominent and influential personal image and brand consultant, and her expertise, instinct, and refined eye allow her to assist clients in reflecting personal style in a wardrobe which successfully addresses lifestyle requirements and career objectives. Fawn’s talents for meeting client objectives with finesse and creativity have earned her praise and recognition in the styling industry. Whether for casual or corporate purposes, working with her ensures that the outside image is consistent with achieving the client’s desires and goals.

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