Smooch! 3 Reasons To Kiss More Often

by eyount
Smooch! 3 Reasons To Kiss More Often

Kissing may simply be a fun activity or something you do out of habit, but there are viable reasons you should be smooching more often! Find out how kissing is good for your mind, body and general health.

Kissing has many benefits, from producing antibodies to calming nerves. Learn more about how kissing can ease your troubles...and help you burn calories, too!

Feel the Burn
Okay, you may not feel the burn the way you would on a run in the Summer sun, but you do burn calories when you kiss. Each minute of kissing accounts for approximately 5 calories burned. A good kiss is said to make your metabolism surge, getting rid of those pesky sugar calories. Enjoy the piece of chocolate cake on your date night and spend the rest of the night working it off. Just remember to brush your teeth first!

Stress Relief
Not only is kissing calming and relaxing, but it can also literally get your brain out of a funk and relieve stress. Not so convinced? The truth is that kissing your partner can increase the levels of dopamine in your system; your body also releases endorphins, which is quite similiar to the feelings you experience after a good workout. These endorphins are more powerful than the morphine drug, so that gives you a good indication of how you will feel. Kissing also helps reduce tension and anxiety in your system, so keep at it!

Crystal Ball

You don't need a crystal ball to look into the future when you are kissing a new partner. It's all about pheromones, the chemical messages exchanged between two people that indicate attraction and chemistry. If both parties are attracted by the natural indicators (scent being a key component) of the other, it likely means that the relationship will go places: these messages sent back and forth are another form of communication and therefore mean the couple will likely hit it off in most areas.

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